7 Day Transition Guide – Cats

Transition Guide Cat

When transitioning your cat to new food, we recommend you do this gradually over 7 – 10 days as this will help avoid dietary upsets.

Transition Guide Cat

DAYS 1-2

Introduce PURINA ONE to your pet in small amounts, still primarily feeding the old food (25% of the new blend to 75% of the old).


DAYS 3-4

Feed a little bit more of PURINA ONE to your pet each day (approximately 50% mix of new blend and old recipe).


DAYS 5-7 (UP TO 10)

Gradually increase the amount of PURINA ONE (approximately 70% mix of new to old). By Day 7 you should be feeding the new food exclusively.


Need more help with transitioning to our PURINA ONE specialist nutrition range? Call 0800 PET VIP and talk to our dedicated Pet Care experts based in New Zealand.