UPDATE: To our Valued Pet Owners, thank you for sticking by us over recent weeks and for all your support as we have been feeling the impact of global shipping challenges. We are pleased to share we have received several large air and sea shipments and product is now flowing through on to shelf in most areas. If you are still having any issues tracking down your pet’s favourite food in your area, please reach out to our team of Vet Nurses for FREE advice on 0800 738 847 or AskPurina@nz.nestle.com. We are grateful for your loyalty and are always here to help.

Life Stage

Litter Training Kittens and Cats

  If you have an indoor cat or one with limited access to outside, a litter tray is essential. Litter...
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Sleeping Arrangements for a Kitten’s First Night Home

  A kitten’s first night in a new home is likely one of the biggest challenges they have ever faced....
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When transitioning your cat to new food, we recommend you do this gradually over 7 – 10 days as this...
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It’s really important that kittens are fed a specific formula designed just for them up until they are one year...
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