UPDATE: To our Valued Pet Owners: We apologise for any difficulty you may have been experiencing getting your hands on your pet’s favourite foods recently. Unfortunately, like many companies, we are experiencing significant delays due to global supply challenges, and we are working as best we can to limit this impact on you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of Vet Nurses for FREE advice on 0800 738 847 or AskPurina@nz.nestle.com who can help recommend some alternatives. We are grateful for your loyalty and are always here to help.

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  • Adult Mature 7+
    Adult Mature 7+


    MarcusNovember 14, 2020 Pukekohe

    Vibrant Maturity 7+

    Since switching from an expensive vet only product, we are so impressed with Vibrant Maturity and the positive health difference it has made to our older cat. More energy, loves her biscuits and has a glossy coat and just seems more active and interested in daily life. A great product.

  • Adult Mature 7+
    Adult Mature 7+


    IRIS November 03, 2020 Auckland


    Mao Mao Panda Pants has been on this for 3 yrs. He’s 12. A moggy. He’s in great health. Every vet checkup has been great. His teeth & gums are in excellent shape. His coat is floofy lovely. Eyes bright. He’s a healthy weight. He was a bit of a land seal podgy —no fat shaming lol — so his serving sizes were decreased.
    He was on a mixture of wet food + dry but now 80-90% of his diet is P One Vib Maturity.
    He’s a happy active outdoors/indoors cat. x

  • Kitten with Succulent Chicken in Gravy Wet Pouch
    Kitten with Succulent Chicken in Gravy Wet Pouch


    Mickey October 17, 2020 Kerikeri

    Mickey loves Purina

    Mickey is only 3 months old but loves his Purina. He eats very happily and is then full of life and energy.

  • Hairball Formula
    Hairball Formula


    WalleAugust 18, 2020 Dunedin

    My baby's new lease on life

    I switched from a different brand to Purina One Hairball formula about a month ago and my cat seems to have a new lease on life. She is 8 years old but she has started acting crazy and playful like a kitten again. She is happy and has so much more energy than before.

  • Adult Mature 7+
    Adult Mature 7+


    MarcusJuly 12, 2020 Auckland

    What A Difference

    What an amazing difference in our older cats coat, teeth and and activity levels. We switched to vibrant Maturity7+ two months ago and there have been great improvement to her overall well-being and health. Thoroughly recommended.

  • TRUE INSTINCT® Natural Grain Free With Real Chicken
    TRUE INSTINCT® Natural Grain Free With Real Chicken


    SheaJune 20, 2020 Rotorua

    Purina one, with real chicken n vitamin

    Cat loves it.

  • Healthy Kitten with Chicken
    Healthy Kitten with Chicken


    nickiJune 01, 2019

    My review

    My kitten loves it…and as she grows and is teething she is munching on these rather than my fingers!!