With its high quality ingredients and a taste your cat will love. PURINA ONE provides the perfect balance of nutritional needs and delicious flavours cats love. In just 21 days you could start noticing a shinier coat, healthier teeth and gums, brighter eyes and of course increased energy in your little feline.

The PURINA ONE Difference

Meet Dr Alex as he discusses the benefits of PURINA ONE.

The PURINA ONE Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied in any way.



We are proud to be the main supplier of cat and dog food for SPCA.


Body Condition

A cat's health and well-being throughout their life may be impacted by their body condition. How can you can determine if your cat is in the right shape?

Feeding a new kitten

Feeding a new Kitten doesn't need to be complicated.


Feeding Senior Cats

As your cat goes through changes with age so should their food change.


Urinary Tract Health 

Learn how to reduce urinary tract disease. 

Sensitive Digestive Systems

Is your cat feeling a bit itchy, it may not be fleas...


Tips for Hairball

Learn how you might be able to prevent hairballs in your cat 



Meet Jenna and Lucinda and see how they got on doing the PURINA ONE 3 week challenge.


Episode 1 - Intro

Meet Jenna & Lucinda!



Episode 2 - Week 1

A friendlier Lucinda already!



Episode 3 - Week 2

6 Signs of Health.



Episode 4 - Week 3

Happy Lucinda equals happy customers!



Episode 5 - Conclusion

What does Jenna think of the 3 Week Challenge?



Meet Tahi a rescue kitten from the SPCA. Take a look at Tahi’s journey of his 3 week challenge at the SPCA.

Episode 1 - Intro

Kittens just need some loving!



Episode 2 - Week 1

Meet the energetic Tahi!



Episode 3 - Week 2

6 Signs of Health.



Episode 4 - Week 3

Our kitten is not so little anymore!



Episode 5 - Conclusion

Tahi is ready to find a home!