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Senior Dog

Senior Dog Is your dog seven years or older? It may be hard to believe, but he is approaching his senior years. And if he’s a large breed, he may reach his senior years even earlier. Like humans, dogs undergo … Continued


Puppy Good nutrition is essential for all dogs, but it’s especially important for growing puppies who require different nutrients than older dogs. The first year of your puppy’s life is critical to his development. Smaller breeds should receive a specific … Continued

Large Breeds

Large Breeds A large breed dog is a dog over 25kg at maturity and a giant breed is over 34kg. Large and giant breed dogs have unique needs and can benefit from a dog food formula designed just for them. … Continued

Body Condition – Dogs

Body Condition – Dogs Maintaining an ideal body condition is vital to help reduce the chances of your dog developing weight related conditions that can both be painful for your dog and life shortening. Maintaining a lean body condition for … Continued