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Small Dog Adult Multipack

PURINA ONE ® Small Dog Adult complete wet pet food for small adult dogs, with Chicken, Carrots and Green Beans in gravy.

Small Dog Adult Multipack


PURINA ONE® Small Dog Adult complete wet pet food for small adult dogs, with Chicken, Carrots and Green Beans in gravy.

Your small dog has specific nutritional needs. Developed by Purina experts, PURINA ONE® Small Dog provides high quality advanced nutrition in tasty meals in gravy. This way, you please him at each mealtime with recipes specifically formulated to suit his nutritional needs.

What’s in it


Meat and animal derivatives (of which chicken 4%), vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetables (0.8% dehydrated carrots, equivalent to 7.2% carrots, 0.8% dehydrated green beans, equivalent to 7.2% green beans), minerals, various sugars, oils and fats.


Moisture (Max) 78.7%
Protein (Min) 11.2%
Fat (Min) 3.5%
Crude Ash (Max) 1.9%
Crude Fibres (Max) 1.2%

Feeding Guide

Fresh clean drinking water should be always available.

Feeding Guide: See table for recommended daily feeding amounts.

Divide the daily amount into two or more meals.

These amounts are guidelines only. To help keep your dog in an ideal body condition, adjust according to your dog’s activity level, physical condition and individual needs. To monitor your dog’s health, consult a veterinary surgeon regularly.

Recommended amount:

To mix PURINA ONE® Small Dog Adult* dry and PURINA ONE® Small Dog Adult* wet
Dog Weight (kg) Wet (pouch) Dry (g) Wet (pouch)
1 – 5 kg 1 3/4 – 5 25 – 90 1/2 – 1
5 – 10 kg 5 – 8 90 – 130 1 – 2

*Only the same dry and wet variant of Purina ONE® Small Dog should be mixed together for your small dog to get the benefits of it


It’s Not For All Dogs

PURINA ONE® formula is specifically formulated for adult dogs.


May Be Served Dry or Moistened

PURINA ONE® may be fed dry or mixed with water. If mixed, we suggest one part liquid to four parts PURINA ONE®.


Making the Switch to PURINA ONE®

Although you’ll be anxious to see the difference PURINA ONE® can make in your dog, please allow 7–10 days to ease the
transition from his current food. Each day, simply feed a little less of the previous food and a little more PURINA ONE®
until you’re feeding PURINA ONE® exclusively. This gradual transition will help avoid dietary upsets.


No Supplements Necessary

PURINA ONE® provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition. There is no need to add vitamins, minerals or other
supplements, unless specifically directed by a veterinarian.


Fresh Water, Proper Diet & Veterinary Care

Be sure to provide fresh water in a clean container for your dog daily. Proper diet, exercise and veterinary care are
the best ways to keep your dog healthy. If your dog hasn’t had a check-up in the past year, please make an appointment

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