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  • Vibrant Maturity 7+ with Chicken
    Vibrant Maturity 7+ with Chicken


    Nancy WakelinJune 01, 2019

    Vibrant Maturity

    I can’t believe it. My 10 year old standard poodle has always been fussy with food and hasn’t looked so good this past year. Now he asks for more and sure is looking good

  • TRUE INSTINCT® Grain Free with Real Chicken and Sweet Potato
    TRUE INSTINCT® Grain Free with Real Chicken and Sweet Potato


    Ami DonnellyJune 01, 2019

    Grain free review

    Been feeding this to my eleven year old English Springer Spaniel for the past few days and let’s just say he absolutely loves it. It is by far the best food I have given him. Before trying him on True Instinct grain free he was having trouble with his anal glands and was creating smells all the time. Me and my mum took him to the vet hundreds of times about it and were told to put him on a grain free diet. We had been feeding him lots of other grain free kibbles but the only ones so far that have helped him were the purina grain free and two other pet shops brands (I think the other two were nutro and nutrience). I also think that this particular one has helped to fill him up when he eats it at his meal times (we feed him 2 times a day as the vet told us that feeding him twice a day would help him stop being so hungry too). So therefore because I have been feeding him this brand his anal gland problem is not as bad as it used to be and he’s not been sitting at our feet waiting for a piece of our food at dinner time. And because my dog loves sweet potato this is also been giving him healthy deposits when he is in the garden or when I take him out for his walks. Hopefully this product continues to help him and will definitely be purchasing this one again. Also, is there any other flavours in the grain free section so that I can try him on other flavours too please.

    Many thanks.

    P.S: I found out your product through our local the warehouse NZ store in Mt Wellington, Auckland

  • Healthy Weight with Turkey
    Healthy Weight with Turkey


    HarryJune 01, 2019


    my dog possum loves this food it is tasty and nutritious ?

  • Adult with Chicken and Rice
    Adult with Chicken and Rice


    ChezJune 01, 2019


    This is the only food that agrees perfectly with my adopted Greyhounds. I tried many foods to find the right one, some recommended by the adoption group, but having found Smartblend I’ve fed it to them every day for the last 6 years and wouldn’t change for anything.