With its high quality ingredients and a taste your dog will love. PURINA ONE provides the perfect balance of nutritional needs and delicious flavours dogs love. In just 21 days you could start noticing a shinier coat, healthier teeth and gums, brighter eyes and of course increased energy in your dog.

The PURINA ONE Difference

Meet Dr Alex as he discusses the benefits of PURINA ONE.

Money Back Guarantee!

We stand by our product, if you are not 100% happy we will be happy to refund you the purchase price. Click here for more information. 


We are proud to be the main supplier of cat and dog food for SPCA.

True Instinct

Do you have an active dog?

Feeding Your Puppy 

Puppies need a specially balanced diet to help them grow into healthy dogs.

Feeding Your Senior Dog 

As your dog changes with age, so should their food change.

Large Breed Dogs

The appropriate diet is required for dogs that are over a certain weight 

Al & Charlie

Follow Al and Charlie to see how PURINA ONE has helped Charlie improve his health over 3 weeks.

Episode 1 - Intro

Meet the team!



Episode 4 - Conclusion

Healthy dog equals healthy family!



Episode 2 - Week 1

Charlie is full of energy!


Episode 3 - Week 2

6 Signs of Health.



Meet Herbie a rescue puppy from the SPCA. Take a look at Herbie’s journey of his first 3 week challenge at the SPCA.

Episode 1 - Intro

Meet the precious Herbie! 

Episode 2 - Week 1

See how Herbie is doing after his first week of the 21 Day difference!

Episode 3 - Week 2

See how playful Herbie is now!


Episode 4 - Week 3

Our little puppy is growing fast!

Episode 5 - Conclusion

Herbie is ready to find a home!