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How you can help support her health and growth

Many cats lead long, healthy and happy lives in an exclusively indoor environment. But if your cat is living in a restricted space, she will normally have less opportunity for exercise. Without sufficient exercise, and if the energy she receives from her diet exceeds the energy she burns off, then the consequence can be increased difficulty to maintain an ideal body condition.

You can help your indoor cat from gaining excess weight and maintain her ideal body weight by encouraging her to exercise with regular playtime sessions, or with a specially formulated diet for indoor cats. These are generally higher in protein and lower in fat, with additional nutrient adjustments designed to help you keep your indoor cat in peak condition.

Indoor cats also seem to suffer more from troublesome hairballs than their outdoor counterparts. This may be due to increased grooming or that we simply become more aware of them due to them living mostly or exclusively indoors. Many indoor cat foods also target the causes of hairball formation, helping you relieve your cat from the discomfort of producing them, as well as helping towards a hairball-free home. Many of these nutrition plans include additional fibre along with both pre and probiotics to promote a healthy gut and help ease the movement of hairballs through the digestive system. These added ingredients can also help to reduce litter box odours, which is a bonus for both you and your cat!

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