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Our passion for pets means helping to make a difference for those that need it the most.

We are very proud to be working with SPCA to help feed a better future for pets. At Purina we believe pets and people are better together and are guided by a passion for pets. That’s why we are proud to be donating over 80,000 kg of pet food each year to feed the cats and dogs of SPCA. #feedingabetterfuture.

We are dedicated to assisting in the rehabilitation and re-homing of rescue pets throughout New Zealand. Purina is proud to support a range of leading pet welfare organisations and charities that share our values, in a variety of ways – supporting those who dedicate their lives to improving the life of domestic pets, as well as organisations promoting pets as practical and therapeutic companions for humans.

Every shelter pet deserves a second chance at life. Through adoption, our four-legged friends are able to leave their pasts of neglect and abandonment behind them and become beloved family members and lifelong companions.

Are you looking to adopt? Find a new family member at the SPCA today.

Adopt a Pet


Welcoming an SPCA pet into your home not only saves their life, but it also creates a space at the SPCA for a new pet that needs a home. The SPCA ensure all animals are healthy and prepared for their new home prior to adoption.Interested? Click below to find out more


Foster a Pet


If you can only open your home on a temporary basis, fostering an animal is a great way to rescue an animal in need. Every animal that you foster is given a second chance at life – and the more you foster, the more lives you can help save.


Volunteer for the SPCA


Support the SPCA by donating your time, there are a range of volunteer options to suit you.You can help them out by:

  • Volunteering at your local centre or SPCA op shop
  • Fundraising on annual appeal day


Donate to the SPCA


There are many ways that you can help the SPCA give animals in need the second chance they deserve. Be it a regular donation or a one-off gift, your love and support can help save many lives.Find out more about how you can help below.


Casper's Story


Casper is one of the lucky pets adopted from the Auckland SPCA thanks to Sara Chung! Casper was quite shy and was hiding all the time but this just made Sara fall in love and after convincing her husband to adopt Casper, his true personality shone through! 

Tip's Story


After being dumped with his siblings and mum at the CHCH SPCA, Tip was adopted by Lyn Clearwater and together they ended up competing in Obedience Rally O and Agility! Now 11yrs young, Tip is living an amazing retired life.

Brumby's Story


Brumby was adopted from Whangarei SPCA in 2009, and was soon joined by Gingernut - the neighbourhood terror. Gingernut brought home a wee girl Tabby called Tui, and after she gave birth Whangarei SPCA came to the rescue and fostered her and the kittens. Tui then returned home to join her brothers, and it's like she never left!

Chrome & Opie's Story


After adopting Chrome and Opie from the Waikato SPCA and needing some sunscreen for Opie’s nose and ears, Maree Ringer headed back to the SPCA for some sunscreen where they adopted another fur baby - Spice! What a great Furrytale ending.  



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